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Our SCOTCH, Our TRADITION, Our Loch Fyll 

It’s born of Richness & extreme Smoothness, Deeply flavoured by double charred oak casks which imparts an exotic & rare note to every bottle of Loch Fyll Scotch Whisky

The Good Looks – “the Dram”
The colour - Golden, a red hue

The Palate – “Mouthfeel”
Smooth & Sweet with notes of toffee and creme caramel flowing into toasted almond layers with hints of oak spice

The Nose – “Inhaling the exquisite aromas”
Sweet & lifted with notes of vanilla, hazelnut & milk chocolate with a touch of orchard fruits

The Finish – “the Flavour”
Nutty and warming with notes of peanut, maple syrup
and vanilla pod with gentle sweet spice tones lingering on the tongue

The Pure water – “the effect”
Our water is from one of Scotland’s highest natural springs. Emerging from a Scottish river and flowing over hard rock strata & the water is soft and low in minerals, and bet you don’t have to be Royalty to enjoy the right water in your whisky, it’s you right.
We would argue, just one water like this, is just good enough

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